Custom Canvas

All of our products are custom made here in the United States at our Avon location. We make the best custom fit covers for all your canvas needs. With our designers, we are dedicated towards our customers needs and wants for a proper fitted cover.

Market Umbrella

We offer a variety of both traditional and modern frame styles, as well as sizes to accommodate any outdoor space. The materials we use in the construction of our umbrellas make our collection the most reliable option in the industry, in both commercial and residential settings. Our umbrellas can be found at various resorts, hotels, parks and recreation centers, and restaurant chains across the country. We also have the ability to add any branding or logos to the canopies for commercial locations and businesses. Please contact us for further details.


Protect your investment. We offer top notch services on cleaning and protecting all of your canvas. We will treat your canvas to insure you get the best protection, which includes water repellent, UV protectors, and mildew inhibitors.

Full Winter Storage Covers

We are an authorized dealer for the original Fisher winter storage boat cover. A Fisher Winter boat storage cover is designed for protection of a bout over the winter season. Instead if throwing covers away each year, invest in the best A Fisher Boat Cover.


The Canvas Shop of Avon, works with all types of contractors and property managers to provide custom products for either commercial or residential property's. From helping fellow business owners with their store fronts to local government looking to protect large equipment. With our designers we can solve any challenge.

Craft & Retail Supplies

We at The Canvas Shop offer many items to our customers. If your're a "do it yourself-er" or just trying to maintain your canvas covers, we have everything that you need. From canvas by the yard and foam cut to size, or replacement hardware for your boat or home. If you have questions about cleaning your material, The Canvas Shop sells the products that will clean and protect it properly. All of our products are available and in stock at our Avon location.