303 High Tech Fabric Guard

303 Fabric Guard: The only re-treatment product endorsed by Glen Raven, Inc. for its Sunbrella® awning, marine and casual furniture fabric. Powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest environment... the outdoors. Yet 303 Fabric Guard is safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk and fine leathers – including suede. On outdoor fabrics, 303 HTFG restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. 303 HTFG stops leaks, protects against soiling and both water and oil based stains, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Proper maintenance with 303 Products will add to the life of your fabrics, save you money, and... It’s Easy – Spray on, let dry!

303 Aerospace Protectant

303 is the leader in UV screening technology. Regular use gives 100% prevention of UV-caused slow-fade. No other “protectant” beautifies as intensely, protects as powerfully or lasts as long. Treated surfaces repel dirt, soiling, staining, water spots, salt water and mildew. Its water repellency and unparalleled protective characteristics have manufacturers worldwide recommending it. Keeps UV-sensitive materials “like new” year after year. Use on rubber, vinyl, inflatable boats, plastics/acrylics/polycarbonates, finished leather, gelcoat fiberglass, carbon-fiber/resin composites, pool and patio plastic furniture, pool inflatables, Sailcloth: Dacron®and monofilm. Applying is a breeze... spray on/wipe dry!

Imar Protective Polish

A polymer-based product formulated to safely clean, polish and protect Strataglass and Crystal Clear 20/20 clear vinyl and its scratch-resistant protective coating. Designed with a unique molecular bonding that creates a nearly invincible protective barrier against the damaging effects of marine environment pollutants. Recommended for use every 2 to 3 months and every 4 to 6 weeks in areas of high fallout. Frequent use of IMAR Strataglass Protective Cleaner #301 between polishing will increase protection by rejuvenating the protective qualities of IMAR Strataglass Protective Polish.