High rust and corrosion resistant button, normal action socket, stud, and eyelet. The button and eyelet are, in many instances, able to self-pierce through multiple layers of fabric. All four components are interchangeable with other snap fasteners and tools, eliminating special die requirements.


Lift-The-Dot Fasteners are available in nickel finish. Certain Lift-The-Dot fasteners meet Government Specification MS-27977. Strong and heavy duty, Lift-The-Dot fasteners lock on three sides and are opened by lifting the fourth side where the Dot and the Lift-The-Dot trademark appear.

Turn Fastners

Turn fasteners have superior locking action that prevents undesired opening of the fastener. Our turn fasteners feature a stainless steel pin and spring, which provides maximum corrosion resistance and promotes extended product life.

Bimini Fittings

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